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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Using Self-Storage Containers

Georgia Shaw

Storage containers have become convenient locations to store belongings and valuables. Some people even use them to store classic cars. However, this doesn't mean that storage units are suitable for all storage needs. 

You have to be careful how you use storage containers. To do so, avoid making the following mistakes:

Storing Perishables

It might sound like a great idea to store perishables in your unit, but it's not. People often store food in their self-storage containers, but it doesn't mean that it's the best thing to do. Any food you store in your container will decompose if left unattended for too long.

This will attract vermin and pests, which will ravage your unit and all the adjacent units. Once your container attracts rodents, they'll chew anything they find. If you have food, clothes, important papers, or merchandise, they can damage them all. 

Accumulating Items 

Renting a self-storage container doesn't necessarily mean that you can start hoarding everything you find. If you do so, you'll only be transferring your hoarding problem from your home to the storage container. 

If you have a hoarding problem, consider the storage container as a location to keep the important items. Everything else that isn't valuable you can sell, donate or throw away. Alternatively, you can rent a bigger storage unit that can hold all your items. 

Storing Valuables

If you intend to store valuables in your container, choose one that's climate-controlled. You may have seen countless shows of people bidding for repossessed containers for close to nothing. The bidders eventually find disintegrated items that were stored haphazardly. 

Therefore, if you're to store your antique car, paintings, rare books, or heirlooms, research more about climate-controlled self-storage containers. 

Overlooking Insurance 

Although storage facilities are considered safe and secure, they're not completely disaster-proof. A smart renter understands that anything can happen to their items. If the storage facility is damaged by a fire, flood, or burglars, what happens to your items? 

They'll likely be damaged in the process. Fortunately, with a protection plan or insurance, your belongings will be protected in case anything happens. This is best suited for renters who intend to store valuables in their self-storage containers. 

Stacking Weighted Items on Top 

When stacking items on top of each other, the heavier items should always be at the bottom. However, self-storage container renters often stack boxes out of convenience without considering the weight. 

Doing so can put the renter or anyone else using the storage container at risk. It also puts your valuables at risk as the heavier items can damage the items in lighter boxes. Therefore, when storing items in your container, take your time to arrange everything neatly and optimally.

Contact a self-storage container service near you to learn more. 


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