Choosing To Move On

Choosing To Move On

The Dos and Don'ts of House Moving While Pregnant

Georgia Shaw

Are you pregnant—and moving? Whether you're in your first trimester or days away from your due date, take a look at how you can make the house moving process easier for yourself and everyone else involved.

Do Talk to Your OB

Before you lift, bend, or carry boxes, bins, or bags, make sure you aren't doing anything that could put your health at risk. Call your doctor or ask about what you can and can't do during home moving at your next prenatal appointment.

While some women can safely lift containers or move other home items, others shouldn't. Heavy lifting can raise the risk of preterm labor or lead to an injury. Not only can lifting moving boxes put a strain on your pregnant body, but your shifting center of gravity can also throw you off balance. This can lead to slip and falls and other similar accidents. If your doctor feels it's not safe for you to lift or carry boxes, bins, furniture, or anything else, you'll need to find extra help.

Don't Forget to Schedule a Mover

In between your move and your pregnancy, you may not have much time for anything else. Even though you have a lot on your plate right now, make time to schedule a professional moving service as early as possible. The movers will provide the extra help you need to do everything from lifting and carrying to transporting your heavy belongings from point A to point B.

If you're on a tight schedule, your due date is nearing, or you need a specific day of the week or time (such as a weekend morning), schedule this service weeks or months ahead of your move—especially if you plan to move during the spring or summer. The warmer months of the year are typically peak moving times, making it harder to get an appointment.

Do Hydrate Yourself

Now that you've got the go-ahead (or the information on what you can and can't do) from your doctor and have a mover booked for the day, it's time to get ready for your home move. Even if you won't lift or carry containers during the move, you'll likely still have a busy day. Between the moving activities and the potentially warm weather, you need to pay extra attention to your health.

Adequate hydration can help you to maintain enough energy to easily make it through the day, stay safe, and feel comfortable. Keep a refillable bottle of water with you or buy a case of water for yourself, your family, and the movers.


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