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Choosing To Move On

Four Tips For Packing A Storage Unit

Georgia Shaw

Are you planning to get a storage unit in order to free up some room at home? If so, you'll need to know the following tips for packing the unit properly. 

Know Where To Secure Belongings

Are you planning on putting anything of value into your storage unit? It helps to know where to store the items, since there is always a possibility that someone breaks into your unit when you are not around. Valuable items should be placed as far back into the unit as possible. The goal is to make them difficult to reach so that if someone does illegally gain access to the unit, they will have to remove everything to reach those valuable items. 

Know The Banned Items

There are a lot of flammable items that are not allowed to be stored in a storage unit. Make sure that you understand what they are and take them out of any boxes that you are going to put away. While things like gasoline and fireworks are pretty obvious, there are other items that can be bad as well. Anything with chemicals, such as fertilizer or cleaning products, should be left out of a storage unit. Be sure to remove batteries as well so that they do not get too hot and explode, leaving items covered in battery acid. 

Know To Raise Items Off The Floor

If you have an outdoor storage unit, there is always a possibility that water finds a way into the unit after a powerful storm. It helps to raise items off the floor slightly so that nothing is resting directly on the floor. This can be done by using pieces of wood, old pallets, or even shelving units. This will help prevent items from potential water damage in a worst-case scenario.

Know How To Stack Items

You do not want to accidentally crush items in boxes because you do not know how to properly stack them. All boxes should be packed tightly, which means not having any gaps beneath the top of the box. You will then want to place heavy boxes on the bottom and lightweight boxes near the top. This will prevent the weight from a heavy box from crushing a light box. 

These are just a few tips that can get you started with loading items into your storage unit. Reach out to your self storage facility for more tips on how to load your unit. 


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