Choosing To Move On

Choosing To Move On

Three Ways To Lower Your Moving Costs

Georgia Shaw

If you are planning for a move but have to work within a modest budget, there are a few things you can do to bring down the overall cost of moving. When discussing your move with the moving company, ask for a guaranteed price estimate, which can also be referred to as a not-to-exceed estimate. This type of moving estimate provides an expected cost for the move, but if the move costs less than the estimated amount, you'll only pay for the actual costs. Once you have your estimate, use the following tips to trim down the cost of your move.

Do Some Moving On Your Own

Chances are, you'll want to set up your bedroom, bathroom, and some areas of the kitchen right away. If you'll have the keys to your new home before the moving date, consider bringing some items on your own. The fewer boxes you have to move, the lower the overall cost will be for the move. Pack sheets, linens, and small area rugs into suitcases, and load them into your car. You can stage some items in the rooms they will be used in, while other items, such as towels and bath mats, can be put to immediate use. Consider packing a box with coffee mugs and other kitchen essentials, along with your coffee maker, to start setting up your kitchen. If you have room in your vehicle's cargo area, you can even move a microwave and toaster oven on your own.

Have New Furniture Delivered

If you'll be replacing some furniture to give your new home a fresh look, consider having these items delivered to the new address instead of your current residence. You'll likely have to pay a delivery fee regardless of where these items are shipped, but you won't have to pay the movers to transport them a second time. Be sure to toss out any furniture that's being replaced so you don't have to pay to move old, unwanted items to your new home. Contact your garbage removal service to arrange for pickup of these items so they don't languish in your alley or on your curb.

Pack Absolutely Everything In Advance

Movers sometimes charge by the weight of the items being moved, but they can also charge for the time it takes to move your items. If you have personal possessions in the home that haven't been packed, you'll likely be adding on to your moving time. Create a packing schedule so you can tackle different sections of your home in the weeks before your move, and have a few pre-assembled boxes ready for any odds and ends you might have missed.

Be upfront with your moving company about your budget constraints. In many cases, the movers will work with you to provide the services you need while still staying with your requested budget. To learn more, contact a moving company like Wheaton World Wide Moving


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