Choosing To Move On

Choosing To Move On

Tips For Creating A She Shed

Georgia Shaw

Everyone needs personal time free from distractions and demands. If you are a mother, finding the time and place for your me-time can be challenging. Fortunately, you can convert your backyard shed into a "she shed" that you can use for a getaway. To help get you started on the conversion, here are a few steps you can take now.  

Clear Out the Shed

Before you can make any changes to the shed, you need to get rid of everything that is in it. When boxing up the items, make sure to note what is inside each box on a label. You want to be sure you can easily find items when necessary.  

Since you simply cannot toss the boxes in the backyard and call it a day, you need to find somewhere to store them that is not in the way of others. A great option is to rent a storage unit, such as those at King Arthur Self Storage. Using a nearby unit helps to ensure that the items can be easily collected when they are needed. You also have the assurance that they are safe.  

Before placing the items in storage, make sure you are not placing any hazardous materials in the storage. For instance, toss any chemicals that you have been storing in the shed or find a place in your home where they can be safely stored.  

Install Insulation, Plumbing, and Electricity

You want the shed to be a getaway that you can use throughout the year. To ensure that the conditions in the shed are comfortable, you need to add insulation, plumbing, and electricity to the shed. How far you want to go with the additions is up to you, but at the very least, you want to ensure there is lighting.  

If you are planning to insulate your shed, make sure the plumbing and electrical wiring is done first. Once the insulation is in place, you will need to put up drywall. The addition of drywall gives you the option of painting or wallpapering your walls, so this is a win-win for you.  

Some she sheds have a toilet and sink added. The additions cut down on your need to go into the home during your personal time.  

Once you have the basics in your she shed, you can customize it to fit your needs. Remember, the idea is to have a space that you alone can enjoy, so make it your own. 


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